About Untitled!

(A.k.a., the new FAQ, because I can.)

How did it start?: Untitled! began in 2000 as a silly comic strip that I decided to start drawing one day when I was 15. It has since ballooned into a gargantuan monstrosity that threatens to engulf at least half of the known universe. It ended officially in November of 2007.

The WHAT NOW?: Untitled! is mostly about me learning to deal with life. The characters are funny animal-people, but they represent the struggles and crazy weirdness of being human.

But why?: Because I'm compelled to draw stories for some unfathomable reason. Also because I can.

Hey, this isn't family-friendly!: Hence why I put the "PG-13 warning on the main page. Even though it has funny animals, Untitled! Is a story for teens and grown-ups, not little kids!

So what should I read first?: Untitled! is an ongoing story, so you really should start from the beginning (I know, I know...the first year sucks). Try the storyline dropdown, the "First Comic" button, or the Reader's Guide.

Thanks for reading!