Untitled! Reader's Guide

Where to begin? Five years worth of comic archive can seem like a daunting task to tackle. But relax! Most people make it through in a couple of days. Read at your leisure. You'll enjoy it more. :)
I personally reccommend that you start at the beginning of the archive and read forward to the present. But you can do it however you normally do (I imagine most of you have far more experience with reading webcomics than I do!).

To help out those of you who are new or need a bit of a recap, here's a sort of guide to the various storylines in the comic:

1. Attack of the Guinea Pigs
A band of cavies bent on world domination take over Erin's flat, but Snitter saves the day... In a rather unexpected manner!

2. The Protest
Making a point for the sheer sake of making a point (though we're still not sure what the point is).

3. Light of the World
Erin's financial troubles lead to Twapa creating a guinea pig-powered generator... of course, things don't necessarily go as planned, but in the end Twapa's innovation leads to an entrepreneurial endeavor which will factor into the comic later... (This arc contains the first filler week - stick figures!)

4. Twap, Snitter, and Politics
Twap has an "evil plan to save the world", but it may lack a little common sense...

5. Lost in the City
Political aspirations forgotten, all Twap wants is to get home. But between a huge weather front, two new acquantances, and a night on the town which leads to a frantic search for a missing Snitter, it may take longer than she hoped!

6. December
The sighs of December.

7. The Untimely Death of Ben
A New Year's party turns tragic, spawning several mysteries at once...Who killed Ben? What happened to Xe's memories? Who the heck is Bob?

8. Bob
Twapa investigates Snitter's invisible friend and learns the secrets of inter-dimensional travel.

9. Suicide, Dreams, and Psychoanalysis (part 1)
Twapa becomes depressed and attempts to kill herself, winding up in the hospital. Xe is visited in dreams by a mysterious feline who implores Xe to help Twapa escape from her inner darkness.

10. St. Patrick's Day
Never eat green mini-muffins.

11.Suicide...(part 2)
Twap escapes from the hospital and Xe and Keer rush to save her - with a little help from Bob and the enigmatic Ailourophasia. After a harrowing chase, Twapa finally collapses and must finally fight the battle inside her mind before she can regain her sanity.

12. Snitter's Cousin
Snitter's cousin Fiarlan comes to visit, the gang gets banned from a restaurant, and they all go to a punk rock show... but what's going on between Erin and Fiar's bodyguard, Misha?

13. Vacation Week(s) 2001
Snitter tries her hand at making comics.

14 The Erin + Misha Fiasco
"To be young and in love is a gift laced in gold."
...But being separated is no fun at all.

15. It's All About Style
The fashion focus.

16. Cornerstone Fest
The cast goes on a road trip to Cornerstone Festival, Keer loses a contact, and relationships are briefly discussed, and everybody is hot and dusty. But they have a great time!

17. Lost Again.
A wrong turn on the way back from Cornerstone leads to an unexpected jaunt in the north woods.

18. Wintertime Blahs
Xe turns white and goes job hunting, Erin mopes over Misha, Twapa waxes philosophical, and Snitter is... Snitter.

19. Snowed In
Nothing brings people together like a freak blizzard... And the invisible guy who can fold space...

20. Zwischen Welten
The cast is transported to a parallel dimension to meet Ailourophasia, who has an urgent message for them. In the process, however, Keer and Xe become separated from the group and lost between worlds. When they discover that the in-between can be shaped by their imaginations, the two are tempted to remain in this seemingly idyllic place. But a hidden danger lurks behind the pleasant facade, and it falls to Twapa to rescue Keer from a horrible fate.

21. The Choice
After making it safely back to their own world, it's time for a little relaxation, but a discussion about the growing tension between Twap, Xe, and Keer leads to more angst than good.

Gloria pays tribute to her favourite cartoonists:

22. Peanuts Week
Untitled!, after the style of Charles Schultz

23. Pogo Week
In the style of Walt Kelly

24. Krazy Kat Week
In the style of George Herriman

25. Calvin and Hobbes Week
In the style of Bill Watterson

26. Back to Normal...?
Erin and Misha must say goodbye again, Xe and Keer sleep over, and Snitter convinces Twapa to go sledding.

27. Crime Doesn't Pay...(or does it?)
Twapa discovers that some of her valuable research notes have been stolen and she enlists Misha to help recover it. Meanwhile, Keer and Xe continue the "discussion" about their relationship - that is, until Twapa shows up to say goodbye and Xe is stricken with guilt. Xe wanders off into the night, while Twap and Misha break into a top-secret facility in search of Twapa's missing property.

28. Send in the Clones
Twap and Misha find that they have stumbled into something bigger than a stolen laptop... They have uncovered an entire army of Twap-clones living in a facility headed by the corrupt Dr. Aureus. Fleeing from the security guards, Twap and Misha meet clone 51 who agrees to help them escape, but Twapa devises a plan to destroy the lab entirely, which she somehow manages to pull off. In the process, however, Twapa and 51 are captured and Misha, injured, takes a plunge into an icy river...

29. Guest Week 2002
Gloria's friends pitch in to provide some much-needed filler fun!

30. Endangerment
Misha regroups with Erin and the others back in Fursdale, where he resolves to go back and rescue Twapa. Xe and Keer insist on accompanying him, against Misha's better judgment...

31. X-I
This is a pivotal point in the comic. Misha, Keer, and Xe reach the site where Twapa was last seen, and meet Xe's sister, Idria. Xe suddenly begins to recover his memories, and is severely traumatized. It turns out that he was part of a project created by the corrupt and sinister X-I corporation to train ideal spies and assassins. Idria decides to lead them to the secondary site, where Twapa is being held. Meanwhile, Twap herself has managed to elude her captors again and searches for an escape, finally meeting up with Misha and the others who have made their way inside to rescue her. Their problems are far from over, however, as the X-I guards finally overpower them. Twap and Xe are taken seperately to meet the brains behind the operation, Zirrus Longtail - Xe's father. Zirrus explains to Twapa that she is really his creation, genetically engineered to be the perfect scientist. He tells her that the reason her research was stolen was to lure her to X-I so that she would come back and work for Zirrus. Xe however, learns far more troubling things about his past. After Zirrus decrees that only Twapa is useful to him and that the others should be "euthanized", the friends make a desperate escape attempt which leads to a showdown with the guards. Just when things look bleak, though, they are saved by the arrival of Bob, who, it turns out, has been working with Zirrus all along, but now realises that the CEO was intent on evil purposes all along. Assisted by a group of rebelling clones, the party escapes, and Zirrus is forced to flee as the clones take over the facility. All seems well that ends well, except for the fact that Xe has undergone a strange transformation since regaining his memory. Nevertheless, with the excitement over, they have no choice but to drive home and try to return to a normal life.

32. Retitled!
Some of Gloria's friends and fans contribute spoofy filler strips.

33. Love and Science
The rift between Xe, Keer, and Twapa widens, as he struggles with his newfound identity, while Twapa decides to give up her scientific pursuits in light of what she learned at X-I and her own insecurities. Erin and Misha finally get to spend some time alone, but when Misha brings up the subject of marriage, Erin becomes upset and backs away. Xe, meanwhile, has decided that his only course of action must be to seek out Zirrus and stop him from carrying out any more of his schemes. Keer is heartbroken and becomes depressed over Xe's leaving, but the reality of losing his job and needing a place to stay forces him to reach out to Twap and Snitter for help. Returning to the X-I lab, Xe meets up with Bob, who explains his role in all these goings-on. It seems that his friendship with Ailourophasia led to him getting in trouble in her world, which he "sold out" to Zirrus, who was very interested in the reports of the psychic abilites of its inhabitants. Or something like that. But it turns out that Zirrus really DID want Twapa's research because she had been working on an effective method of inter-dimensional travel. Zirrus, it seems, was planning to exploit Phasia's world for his own gain, as soon as he could find a way to get there. So Xe and Bob team up in the quest to stop Zirrus. Meanwhile, Misha arrives back in Fiar's country to discover that Fiar has hired another assistant, Grigory...

34. The Winter of Our Discontent
Twapa has nightmares which stir up blocked memories of her previous encounters with Xe. Fiar and Misha try to deal with the intricacies of running a small country that is under threat from terrorist groups. Phasia and Ampersand try to survive on their own. Zirrus and Idria plot to eliminate Xe. Xe loses track of Bob, but runs into two more faces from his past - Timmi and Tommi Kangaroorat - and meets up with Idria again. Keer gets a new hairdo and a new job. Life goes on.

35. Gueststravaganza 2003
Recaptionings, guest art, and a few originals by Gloria thrown in for good measure!

36. A Much Awaited Return...Sort of.
Twapa torments Keer, Snitter's origins are revealed, and James Roberts contributes a a bit of story about Fiar and Misha.

37. Extreme Emodrama Incoming
Keer gets an invitation to his brother's wedding and convinces Twapa to pose as his girlfriend in order to impress his family... on the condition that he'll move out of the house!

38. Twap-in-a-dress Week
Twapa goes clothes shopping.

39. Girlfriends and Enemies
Keer and Twap try to keep up their charade as they visit with Keer's family and attend the wedding, but someone from Keer's past makes things even more awkward as Keer is forced to face the very things he ran away from. Meanwhile, Xe has managed to infiltrate Zirrus' remote desert compound and finds that Idria and some of their old acquaintances are already hatching a plot to do away with Zirrus. However, things quickly go awry, and Xe and Idria find themselves the first unwilling test subjects of Zirrus' inter-dimensional portal and end up stranded on the other side.

40. Amperlude
Ampersand's mother, Elipsa, seeks him out and urges him to come home, but Ampersand refuses. Phasia, however, accepts an invitation to come and visit and strikes up a friendship with Elipsa, who becomes her benefactor.

41. Home is Where the Hostility is.
Erin's building gets bought out by the guinea pigs and she moves in with Twap and Snitter. Keer tries to be friends with Twapa, but with little success.

42. Home is Where the Vacation is.
A collection of original sketches, recaptionings, and guest art.

43. A Visit With Erin and Scotty...and other stories.
While Timmi struggles with strange premonitory feelings, Erin meets up with a long-lost cousin, providing a great opportunity for guest appearances by Scotty T. and Erin M..

44. The Life and Times of Timmi
Timmi meets another kangaroo rat with a striking family resemblance... and something to hide.

45. Thanksgiving Break '04
Tofurkey! (Yes I know that's not what REAL tofurkey looks like!)

46. Bathroom Humour
Four people + one bathroom = chaos.

47. Winter Break 2004
Random antics.

48. The Envelope, Please.
Keer accidentally finds out where Twapa gets her money.

49. Another Crisis Averted
Misha helps a despondent Fiarlan regain his sense of purpose.

50. Misha's Story
At Grigory's request, Misha relates the story of how he met Fiar and saved his life.

51.Welcome to the Jungle
Xe and Idria make their way through a strange new world, in which they are attacked by a band of strange, primitive creatures and Xe falls ill from a poisoned dart. Help is at hand, however, and the two soon arrive at a magnificent city where they find themselves under suspicion as spies and are confined while Xe recovers.

52.Lost and Found
Twapa mysteriously vanishes, causing concern for Ciaran. Meanwhile, Timmi and Tommi follow Jamie's cryptic directions and discover the former X-I facility where the clones now live. They meet 51, who reveals to them the events leading up to the clones rebellion, and tells them of the existance of their REAL sister, Twapa.

53.A Dream Come True
Phasia meets Ampersand's father, who is a member of the Council of Ter-Akritha. Phasia learns of the two prisoners from another world and sneaks in to visit them. Later, Xe awakes and hears from Idria about Phasia's visit. Idria plans an escape, but Xe insists on staying, so she slips away into the night without him.

Ciaran confronts Snitter about Twapa's disappearance, but ends up learning that Snitter's mental instability is really feigned... And Snitter points out that she knows a few of Ciaran's secrets, too.

55....And More Secrets
As it turns out, Twapa has been taken into custody by government agents who are suspicious about her connection to Zirrus. It is revealed that Benjamin is also a government agent, working to root out Zirrus and X-I.
56.Mr. Xe Goes to Ter-Akritha
Xe gives his testimony before the Council of Ter-Akrtitha... but his attempts to gain their trust are foiled when a mind-reader reveals one of his darker secrets.

Phasia reveals to Xe the toll which his actions have taken on Twapa in dreams, and Xe attempts to finally set things right.

58.Why did it have to be nerds.
Twapa finds herself at the former X-I lab, forced to work with several brainy scientists who she considers to be total "nerds", trying to reconstruct Zirrus' interdimensional gate.

59.Now The Truth Can Be Told.
Twapa finally finds out about her two long-lost brothers... and hears a different version of what happened with Xe when he was young.

60.A Drill Before Waking
Fiar and Misha plan for the inevitable.

61.Untitled! Christmas: A Retrospective in Pictures and Word Balloons
Seasonal glimpses into the past.

62.Parting the Jello
Twapa manages at last to get the interdimensional gate working.

Quite possibly one of the best gag weeks this comic has ever seen.

64.Vive le Xe
Xe discusses politics in prison and Ampersand finally goes home.

65.Snitter's Comic
(Meanwhile, back at the ranch...) Snitter explores her artistic talents.

66.Vive le Xe part II
Things start to heat up in Ter-Akritha. Xe finds himself a reluctant member of an underground resistance movement...And Thorne Felidae finds himself inadvertently on the wrong side of the law!

67.P.S., You Smell of Pickles
Keer and Snitter go grocery shopping... with emo-tastic results.

68.Understand This Is A Dream
Phasia visits Twapa and Ciaran in dreams.

69.Sneak Sneak Revolution
Xe helps the Felidaes escape from their house arrest and flee to the Ter-Akritha Underground.

70.Hare Dye
Keer helps Snitter dye her hair. Hilarity ensues.

71.Gloria Takes a Break for NaNoWriMo 2006
A month of filler, including guest strips and original art.

72.Hare-brained Scheme
Fiar hatches an unlikely plan to defeat his traitorous general. Grigory thinks it's a particularly hare-brained scheme.

73.Change is as good as a rest
Erin reminisces and also ponders.

74. So long, Suckers!
Twapa carries out her daring escape from the land of the nerds, only to find herself in the land of the monrets. She discovers what became of Idria... and probably Zirrus, too.

75. Just a little regret
Xe is reluctant to back the Ter-Akrithans' political rebellion, and he and Phasia dicuss their fears and regrets.

76. Final Countdown
Fiar faces off with the traitorous General Volkov and must decide whether or not he will really go through with his "Hare-brained Scheme". He reveals his suspicion that Volkov was involved in the deaths of his and Snitter's family.

77. Under Ground
Twapa seeks Xe in the Ter-Akrithan Underground.

78. Bob Ex Machina
Bob finally appears to set the record straight; Twapa bids Xe and Phasia farewell.

79. End of an era
With the success of the "hare-brained scheme", Fiar decides to step down as the leader of his country.

80. Family Reunion
Twapa and her brothers finally meet.

81. A Walk in the Park
Keer takes Twapa for a walk in the park.

82. The day arrives
Erin and Misha's wedding.

83. Danae
Erin's mother.

84. The End
The End...?


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