Various Villains

Name: Dr. Aureus
Species: jackal
Gender: male

Dr. Aureus was an important figure at X-I before Twapa (with the help of 51) destroyed the old X-I facility and liberated the clones. After the raid, Dr. Aureus was handed over to the authorities along with several of the other corrupt scientists from X-I.


Name: "Scratch"
Species: leopard
Gender: male

Scratch is one of the last surviving subjects of Zirrus' assassin program. Like Idria, he has continued in a violent and treacherous way of life. He sports a very tough attitude, and has the muscle to back it up!


  Name: Sydney Quoll
Species: tiger quoll (Dasyurus maculatus)
Gender: male

Sydney grew up at X-I with Xe and Idria. A cunning and vicious little creature, he sadly was no match for the cunning viciousness of Zirrus, and ended up being killed after he attempted to betray Xe and Idria to their father.


  Name: Benjamin
Species: jackal
Gender: male

Like Sydney and Scratch, Benjamin is the product of X-I, where he was trained mostly in information gathering He is different than the others, however, in that he has tried to reject his terrible past and live as a normal, law-abiding citizen. Unfortunately, escaping from the influence of X-I is not so easy. Idria tries to convince him to join her cause to do away with Zirrus, but Benjamin is unwilling to return to his old life.
Benjamin is timid and somewhat neurotic (as evidenced by his constant fidgeting and wringing of his paws), but he holds a very deep grudge against X-I and his uncle, Dr. Aureus, who was responsible for his induction into the X-I program in the first place. It is this resentment which finally compels him to take action in Idria's plot to get rid of her father.